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National projects

ANRActiPhyz (monitoring of motor activities to improve the autonomy of people with cognitive impairment caused by stroke)
ANRMacCoy Critical (enriching Virtual Reality with adaptive feedback and orchestration to promote learning of non-technical skills in critical situations)
ANRAutoConduct (adapting the strategy of autonomous vehicles to the condition and needs of the driver)
ANRCYCLOPE (electronic protection of cyclists)
ANRPedSiVal (pedestrian simulators validation ; ANR-DFG)
FUITornado (infrastructure and autonomous vehicle interactions for mobility services in low density areas)
AdèmeI-Street / SUSHIS (innovative road marking solutions for improved safety)
DSRISAPA (social influence and self-estimation of capacities of elderly pedestrians in street crossing situations)
DSRAutomaPied (How will automated vehicles interact with pedestrians?)
DSRProfil+ (impact of highway cross section on driving behaviour in curves)

European projects

SaferUp! (Sustainable, accessible, safe, resilient and smart urban pavements)

SURFACE (Pavement surface characterisation for smart and efficient road lighting)
ENSEMBLE (ENabling SafE Multi-Brand pLatooning for Europe)