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Régis Lobjois was appointed by the ANSES (French agency for food, environmental and occupational health and safety) in an expert working group on the potential health effects of exposure to virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.


Jean-Philippe Tarel gave 2 invited talks in 2017: the first on computer vision in adverse weather conditions at a summer school of the Complutense university in Madrid (Spain), the second on computer vision for driving assistance systems at a fall school of the faculty of sciences and technologies of Fes (Morocco).

Hocine Imine obtained an MSCA ITN PhD grant in the framework of the Safer-Up H2020 project, which involves 13 european research universities and institutes, to investigate the influence of road surface characteristics on cyclists safety and comfort.

The pre-industrial project YELLOW on intrusion warning for road work zones, coordinated by Fabrice Vienne and lead by Colas/Aximum, was awarded by the CIHT for the best technologic innovation, and cited in the category "highly recommended for safety".


In June 2015, Eric Dumont received the Augustin Fresnel medal awarded by the French Lighting Association for his participation in the work of the CIE (international lighting commission), in Division 4 on lighting and signaling for transport.


In June 2014, Roland Brémond received the Augustin Fresnel medal awarded by the French Lighting Association for his scientific contribution to the field of lighting and visibility.


On May 22, 2013, Didier Aubert received the Most Influential Paper over the Decade Award from the IAPR Machine Vision Applications conference for the paper entitled "Robust and fast stereovision based road obstacles detection for driving safety assistance" which he co-signed with Raphaël Labayrade in 2002, while he was at LIVIC.